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Autographs and Handwritten Dedications

I am delighted to autograph or handwrite a personal message/dedication in books purchased from me.

Send a note with instructions. Please provide desired wording or general instructions around which I’ll write an original dedication. Or just ask for an autograph.

Independent Book Retailers

If you can’t buy directly from me, do patronize these wonderful shops.


Perfect Books, 258A Elgin Street (Centretown)
Thyme & Again (Exposure Gallery), 1255 Wellington Street (Westborough)
Alteriors Design, 1165 Bank Street (Old Ottawa South)
Books on Beechwood, 35 Beechwood Avenue (New Edinburgh/Vanier)
Octopus Books, 116 Third Avenue (Glebe)
Black Squirrel Books, 1073 Bank Street (Old Ottawa South)

Mill Street Books, 52 Mill Street

Mac’s Fireweed Books, 203 Main Street

Lemon Street Market, 241 West Lemon Street, Lancaster, PA
Save the River, 409 Riverside Drive, Clayton, NY

University of Auckland Bookshop, 2 Alfred Street, Auckland.

Art Sales

Limited Edition Archival Photographic Prints


Limited edition archival prints in various sizes and print runs available directly from Louis Helbig or through representative art galleries in Ottawa, Toronto and Montreal.

All of the photographs in the Beautiful Destruction book are available as archival prints.

Prints sizes  |  Print-Only Price/Framed or Mounted Price:
11x16 inches (28x41 cm)  |  $175/$275
16x24 inches (41x61 cm)  |  $350/$500
24x36 inches (61x91 cm)  |  $750/$950
30x45 inches (76x114 cm)  |  $1,500/$1,900 (mounted only)
40x60 inches (102x153 cm)  |  $3,000/$3,500 (mounted only)

Further photographs from both the Beautiful Destruction series and other bodies of aerial photography are available. Please contact Louis Helbig for more information.


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