Beautiful Destruction Photographs with Latitude and Longitude

Linked to Google Earth Maps

Each photograph in the Beautiful Destruction book includes its geographical coordinates. Typing these coordinates into Google Maps or Google Earth zooms the viewer to the exact location providing another bird’s (satellite) eye view on the industrial infrastructure in the forests of Northern Alberta.

This gallery does that for you, linking some of the photographs in Beautiful Destruction to Google Maps.

The image to the right shows the Google Map view of CNRL’s Horizon Mine tailings pond where Rainbow Lava on page 178 of Beautiful Destruction was taken. Please click on the coordinates to move down the page to find a live Google Map view.  Arrows link to the next photo at the bottom of the page.

High resolution satellite imagery of the oil/tar sands industry has only become available in the last few years. In 2008, when this project began, many of the photos would show untouched boreal forest where tailings ponds and open pit mines already existed.

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